Monday, September 10, 2012

Dream Design 1 - Jenny Whitham

Well good morning everyone, I am very excited to begin my new blog feature Dream Designs. The first designer who has agreed to share her dream pattern and realization is Jennie-Louise Whitham of JLW Illustration, an exciting surface pattern designer who lives in Leeds, UK. In her own words she explains the design and its dream application.
"As soon as I read your email, I knew which design I wanted to share with you. It is my ultimate favourite, and I think it is because it was the first design I ever created that I felt defined my style exactly. Its quite a simple design, originally created in 2011 for a Spoonflower competition and the theme was 'Rain'. For some reason I'm drawn to the design constantly, and even had it blown up and framed near my desk.

My dream client for this particular design is 'Hunter' Wellingtons. I knew as soon as I made this design that it would look fabulous printed on a pair of welly boots. Hunter create a collection of patterned boots and I know this design would look fabulous upon a pair."
I would like to thank Jennie for sharing such a lovely design with us, she did not know beforehand that I am a great fan of welly and flip-flop designs so she chose a subject close to my heart! I personally admire Jennie and her work because it is so bright and cheerful, I suspect this is a reflection of her character. She is very prolific with a strong portfolio of jolly and fun designs which I am sure would be at home on a number of products, especially children's wear and stationery design. You can catch up on her work at one or all of the links below.

Thanks for dropping in to read today's Dream Designs feature. The next designer and her dream design will be posted on Wednesday... remember if you want to take part just e-mail me at

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