Friday, October 26, 2012

Dream Design 12 - Petra Kern

Today Dream Designs welcomes Petra Kern who is based in Slovenia. After a successful career as a journalist she has started her own creative business and is pursuing her dream of becoming a full-time surface pattern designer. Below she explains why she has chosen this pattern and her dream realization for it.


Why I love this design?
I like this design because it says everything about my style which is hand drawn, floral, feminine, dynamic and with lot of colours. I like to play with the patterns and when I see a product I always see it with a pattern or two on it.
About me: I recently dropped my job as a journalist and stylist for lifestyle magazines, took several online classes for art and surface pattern designer (ABSPD course!!!) and now I hope to make my living just of surface design. I dreamt about that for sooo long and the funny thing is that I didn't even know that such a profession existed.
After looking closely at Petra's work I am really impressed by how charming and pretty it all is. Her portfolio is full of delicate floral and organic patterns, most of them hand drawn or painted. Extremely feminine although rich in detail her work achieves its grace using subtle colour palettes. I particually like a few designs which I noticed have a darker background they remind me of tapestries. Petra claims to be 'drawn to nature' and 'want to capture it's colours', for me she certainly achieves that goal. 

A strong element of her work seems to be the capability to create collections and designs which compliment each other and look good together. This doesn't come easily for everyone and I think it is a truly valuable attribute that will facilitate her success as a surface pattern designer. A good example of this are the patterns shown here for this Dream Design feature. One, two or three designs which knit perfectly together and sit together on the same project.

I strongly recommend you take a look at the fabulous work to be found on Petra's website or catch up with her on facebook here.

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  1. Fab post and I love Petra's work. Her choice of colors give her designs amazing vibrance