Monday, March 11, 2013

Moyo Magazine 3

If you are looking for a bit of patterny inspiration take a look at the 3rd issue of the MOYO magazine, the unique on-line publication dedicated soley to the facinating world of surface pattern design. Brought to you by Rachael Taylor, Beth Nicholls and a growing team of talented ladies it is proving to be a great success in the design world.

The magazine is jam packed full of tips on design, business rules, colour and design inspiration and a lot, lot more! I have been reading the latest edition at my leisure and I particularly loved all of the following articles.

- The Moyo Book Review - Patterns and Layering - Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture, by Salvator-John Liotta & Matteo Belfiore, this book will be added to my Wish List immediately!
- Two inspiring interviews with Amy Butler and Josephine Kimberling
- Advice on Working from Home by Patricia Van Den Akker of The Design Trust
- Taking your ideas to the finish line by Monica Lee, was my favourite article... there is nothing like a 'good kick up the ...' to get you going again and out of procrastination mode!
 - The 'new' Moyo design brief - Floral Twist.

I was amazed to find so many of my ABSPD classmates were featured in this issue so I started to take note of the names. Esther Cox won the previous Moyo competition and Majo BV was runner up. Emily Truong, Susan Driscoll, Bethania Lima, Laurie Baars, Rosie Martinez-Dekker, Onneke van Waardenburg, Kirtsten Miller, Deborah Velasquez, Alik Arzoumanian, Mary Tanana, Kayleigh Walls, Kathryn Pledger and Amy Lambert all had some work featured! (I hope I have'nt missed anyone out). Such a talented bunch of designers... I hope some of their talent will wear off on me!

The next issue of Moyo is all about paper, which I just love, and Louise Gale will talk about Sunshine Yellow my favourite colour! Can't wait.    


  1. I'm loving the new design on your banner Dawn.

  2. Ta. I did it for the Moyo Mag Architecture comp a while back x

  3. Thank you so much Dawn for the mention, and yes... I agree with Tina; your banner is GORGEOUS!

  4. Thanks for coming over Majo nice to see you x

  5. Thanks for the mention Dawn Kx

  6. What a fab write up! Thanks for the mention. I also have yellow & pink this month in my color challenge if you fancy joining in again.

    Louise xxx