Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coffee break

June was pretty scarce on the posting front and July has turned out to be even worse... only that this time I have been working very hard. It just goes to prove that "real work" takes priority over everything and leaves no time for anything else!

The only thing I have managed to finish recently has been this entry for the Spoonflower fabric design competition "COFFEE", my entry is already getting lots of positive comments from the Spoonflower community. The most common word used is "pretty" (I'm sorry folks it just came out that way!).
If you care to take a closer look at the fabric design click HERE.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I promised that I would'nt write about fish and fishermen anymore. It was a lie. Yesterday I sold my first yard of fishermen fabric through Spoonflower to a lady in the United States. I think this historic event is worth a mention on my blog.

"S" was interested in buying my fabric to make a skirt but was pipped at the finish line by
"K" to become my FIRST EVER CUSTOMER, she is going to make a bed quilt for her 8 month old daughter.

I earnt a 1.80 dollar commission on the sale which means I'll be rich in no time at all.
This last phrase was also a lie!

Friday, July 8, 2011

MORE fishes and fishermen!

Finally my Spoonflower fabric swatches have arrived. It is such a joy to see and "feel" the design printed on fabric. I still need to order yardage but at least the design can now be put on sale (here). Although I experimented with four colour changes which all turned out super (there is a wonderful lilac version), I have decided to make only three available at the moment.
It will be so exciting to see if I can sell even "one yard" of any of them, obviously I will keep you informed.

So there you go, I won't bore you anymore with fishes or fishermen... I can't wait to get down to some hard work and finish other designs so I can put them on Spoonflower!