Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year... and love to all!

There are only a few hours left until the new year begins and I want to send all my SPD friends and my family lots of best wishes for a very Happy and Peaceful 2015
I was so busy in the 'posh gift shop' that I didn't have time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas here on my blog. Below you see a stary image which I have designed, it could be considered 'christmasy or fireworky' whichever is your mood and that will do for all of the festive season.

The Christmas sales went very well but we are very tired and a little relieved that it is all over. I was determined to record more of the action in the 'posh gift shop' this year but it is impossible to take photographs or indeed write blog posts when the big rush is on. I looked at our storeroom this afternoon and it is completely empty, every single present that was wrapped and stored has been retrieved or delivered to it's rightful owners, and, hopefully every gift was appreciated and enjoyed to the full.
Now I just want to have a quiet New Year and contemplate what 2015 might bring, I wish everyone a lovely evening and hope that next year brings exactly what you wish for whatever that may be! 
Love to all. Dawn x