Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Female Humour Card

This is one of my entries for the latest Tigerprint Competition. The theme was Female Humour and I thought shopping was a good subject to choose. A woman will use ANY excuse to buy something and does'nt really care if it ruins them financially as it is almost always an item they desperately NEED!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's the day

Today my oldest and most crooked cactus decided to flower. Quite an event as the stem takes about a month to form but when the flower finally opens it only lasts for about 24 hours! I decided to immortalize the happening with a some photies and a few drawings in my sketchbook. Of course I've posted it in the "Fancy" bit of my blog, as, just for a change doing these sketches gave me loads of Cactus ideas. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Hols

Hi, I have'nt posted for a while, my excuse is I went on holiday to Sicily, thats not a crime is it? Anyway I was just about to add that as I'm talking to myself it dose'nt matter WHEN I post and then magically I find that I have a follower! Wow, it is very exciting and many thanks to TF.
Seriously I will be posting something soon, as Sicily allowed me to spend time with my sketchbook and experiment with what I think has the posh name of paper engineering (- that is, the combination of folding and cutting on the same sheet), but in my case it was more like fancy origami as I made a lot of it up as I went along. However I now have loads more ideas to develop, some "ruffle cards" are in the making... so why am I so behind with my Illustrations for the Bologna Childrens Book Fair... whaaaa.