Sunday, April 23, 2017

Butterflies for Lupus 2017

If you have come over to my 'VERY' abandoned blog you are probably looking for one of two things. One could be ME, that is Dawn Clarkson alias, Nice and Fancy! I have now transferred all my work and news onto a new website which is

The other could be Butterflies for Lupus which is an initiative I organise each year to raise awareness for the auto-immune disease LUPUS. The project involves collecting butterfly art and for every drawing or design I receive I make a small donation to LUPUS UK. The designs are showcased online on World Lupus Day, May 10th, both on the new website and on Pinterest.

So what are you waiting for? I am already collecting designs for the 2017 showcase... please consider taking part.

Thank you

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Collecting Butterflies 2016

Collecting butterfly designs for World Lupus Day has been as enjoyable as ever and the 2016 edition has broken a few records. A total of 116 designs is the highest amount I have ever collected, 96 of which were children's which is also a record and of the cutest kind! My idea to increase awareness for Lupus and raise funds by collecting butterfly designs from around the world has been another great success. All the beautiful butterflies came from a total of five different countries and the participants aged from 3 to 76.
My donation to LUPUS UK of 130 euros is also higher than last year so I am very pleased with the result. You can see the whole collection of butterflies on these two Pinterest boards: 
Adults and Designers

Although this project creates a lot of hard work for me I couldn't have done anything at all without some help from all of you. In particular a few people who did some serious 'collecting' need a mention. So here's my THANK YOU list.
As always, Thomas Fummo, who manages to collect some pretty stuff from his young and creative 'English' students.
Simona Donadonibus, who does the same but with her Italian class.
Claudia Ghezzi, who sent a whopping 40 designs from Empoli, near Florence.
Laura Bisso, with her tiny 3 year olds who paint and collage great stuff.
My Mom, who still insists on embroidering her entry.
Friends who just go for it.
Fellow designers who may have a very busy schedule but find time for me.
And finally but most importantly to Maike Thoma and Ann Clarkson for their generous donations which were greatly appreciated.

My goals this year were to collect more than 100 designs and to donate more to Lupus UK, both these goals have been achieved so it is time to look forward to next year. I can now reveal that there will soon be a Butterflies for Lupus website. I hope the 2017 edition, although still searching for a suitable format, will lead me to bigger and better butterflies!

© Matilde Bosco 2016. Age 8
As an exception to the rule the butterfly you see above is from Matilde Bosco who didn't get her design in on time but it is too beautiful not to have a place on my blog.
Dawn x

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

World Lupus Day 2016 - Butterfly showcase 4

And now to the last Butterflies for Lupus showcase with entries from Adults and Designers. As is tradition I have saved my entry until the very last so you will find it at the bottom of the page where you will also find links to both Pinterest boards.
Every butterfly design we have seen today has been unique. Butterflies made into patterns, painted, crayoned, sketched, embroidered, in abstract or representational styles, and last but not least made from paper or sewn into a kite!
By reading these posts you have helped to raise awareness and support for Lupus sufferers. It has been fun to see all the creations, and for me, extremely moving to think that all these people have taken time to make these designs for me! 

© Mary Tanana 2016.

© Allure Designs 2016.

© Thomas Fummo 2016.

© Wagner Campelo 2016.

© Debbie Head 2016.
© Holly Helgeson 2016.

© Ann Clarkson 2016.
© Sergio Sbicego 2016.

© Nadia Indovino 2016.

© Jan Shepherd 2016.
© Kath Demp 2016.

© Giuditta Mello 2016.

© Alfred. 2016.

© Aldo Migliavacca. 2016. Handmade kite

© Bethania Lima 2016.

© Sunny Zhang 2016.

© Miranda Mol 2016.

© Maike Thoma 2016.
© Isabella Schirripa 2016.
© Dawn Clarkson 2016.
I am pleased to say that the forth edition of the Butterflies for Lupus initiative has been a great success. At the last count, 115 designs has made all this hard work worthwhile. World Lupus Day comes round once a year and for me is a chance to talk about the disease and try to raise awareness. I hope you have enjoyed the designs by adults and designers from all over the world. Below you will find links to both Pinterest boards where it is possible to see all the designs together. 
Butterflies for Lupus 2016 - Children's Designs.
Butterflies for Lupus 2016 - Adults and Designers. 
Next week there will be a post with thanks and news of my donation to LUPUS UK, until then, thank you to everyone x
Please scroll down the page if you want to see all the butterfly designs posted earlier.

World Lupus Day 2016 - Butterfly Showcase 3

This is the last of three showcases showing children's butterfly designs collected for World Lupus Day 2016. I hope these designs will help to make this day a happy one and full of inspiration. It's time to see some fabulous butterflies from Class 5B, Anna Frank School, Druento, Turin, Italy. Special thanks go to Simona Donadonibus for her help in collecting them. Please enjoy.
© Kevin 2016.

© Serena 2016.

© Giorgio 2016. Age 10

© Mattia 2016. Age 11

© Alessio 2016.

© Adriano 2016.

© Alessandra 2016. Age 10

© Sofia 2016. Age 11

© Gabriele 2016.

© Chiara 2016. Age 10

© Andrea 2016.

© Jacopo 2016. Age 11

© Mattia 2016. Age 11
© Stefano 2016. Age 11

© Giulia 2016.

© Camilla 2016. Age 10

© Gabriele N. 2016. Age 11

© Elisa 2016. Age 10

© Filippo 2016. Age 10

© Elisabetta 2016. Age 11

© Martina 2016. Age 10
...and the final 9 to conclude the children's gallery for 2016

© Eva 2016. Age 10

© Marta 2016. Age 5

© Giorgia A. 2016. Age 9

© Margherita 2016. Age 9

© Luca 2016. Age 15

© Chiara 2016. Age 13

© Flavia 2016. Age 8
© Nicola 2016. Age 8

© Giorgia C. 2016. Age 10
Please call back later to enjoy the forth showcase dedicated to Adults and Designers. If you missed the 65 designs from earlier today just continue to scroll down the page.  
Remember you can see all of the Children's designs published today on Pinterest, you will find the link at the end of this post, and of course please don't hesitate to re-pin your favourites!
Butterflies for LUPUS 2016 - Children's Gallery