Monday, April 4, 2016

Design a butterfly for World Lupus Day 2016

Well it's that time of year again, time to get out your butterfly designs or maybe create a new one just for the occasion. World Lupus Day is held every year on May 10th and for the last three years I have organised a Butterfly Showcase here on my blog and Pinterest to commemorate this occasion and build awareness towards the disease. My aim is to create a gallery of butterfly designs to mark the day so it will be colourful and joyful even if we are celebrating a life threatening disease like Lupus. I will be making a small donation to Lupus UK for every design published. Although it is not compulsory if you feel you want to make a small donation along with your design please send the funds through my PayPal account, I will sum all the donations to my own (you will receive a personal receipt) and publish the final receipt from Lupus UK here on my blog.

© Jo Chorny #peaceofpaper

© Mary Pearson

Why the butterfly? Lupus, or SLE is a chronic condition where the immune system attacks the body and can cause a multitude of complaints. One of the many symptoms of Lupus can be a malar rash on the cheeks which has the form of a butterfly. Many organisations use the butterfly as a symbol in their logo. You can easily show your support and help increase Lupus awareness by joining in on my Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2016

Harlequin UK

What you need to do.
You can participate by sending me a sketch, illustration, painting, pattern, paper or textile collage or basically anything that you have personally created using butterflies as a theme. There will be two different showcases, one for children up to 16 years old, and one for all the rest. The final artwork should be square if not it may need to be cropped.
Send me a 600 x 600 pixel jpg, 72dpi and rgb, of your final design.
Name your file, BFL_yourname.jpg (for example, BFL_dawnclarkson.jpg).  Children's drawings, BFL_child'sname_age.jpg (for example, BFL_dawn_10.jpg). Please do not give a title to your piece.
You will be allowed ONE link to a blog or website and the order of the showcase will be as I receive the files.

There will be a series of blog posts featuring the designs received. On May 10th I will launch a board on Pinterest which will include all the designs.
The deadline is Friday 6th May so I will have the weekend to prepare the images and promote the event.

Please send your designs to

Quilt by Tula Pink. 2013
The butterfly designs you see here are taken from my Butterflies - Farfalle -  Papillon board on Pinterest, you may want to take a look and use the board for inspiration. Also it is possible to see all the designs from previous years on the following boards.

BFL-Adults and Designers 2014
BFL-Childrens 2014
BFL-All 2013  

Please feel free to promote the event on Facebook, Twitter etc... using hashtags #butterfliesforlupus #bfl2016 #mybfl and a link to this post. Help me make the day a great success, lets have fun, create some beautiful designs, and above all create awareness for Lupus sufferers worldwide.

Butterfly Airs 1977. Labels Bob Muller, Honey Dew Records.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Drawing, sketching and doodling!

For quite some time I have not had a great amount of time to create patterns (or dedicate myself to my terribly neglected blog!). This makes me a little frustrated and sometimes sad. However, I continue to commit what little time I have to drawing, sketching and doodling. This has had a very positive outcome as I now have a wealth of original motifs to use when I feel like designing.
Here are a few pages from my sketchbook.

©Dawn Clarkson

© Dawn Clarkson

© Dawn Clarkson 2015

© Dawn Clarkson

So with all the motifs I have drawn, sketched and doodled here are some 'snippets' of the patterns that I have created, and there are many MANY more. All this means that very slowly I am building my portfolio, I am taking time to develop my style and I have a multitude of patterns to fill my new website which is still being tweaked and tweaked again :) So all is not lost, it just goes to show that everything has value and can be used to a positive end!

© Dawn Clarkson

© Dawn Clarkson 2015

© Dawn Clarkson 2015

© Dawn Clarkson 2015

P.S. My sketchbook was given to me by a dear friend and my idea is to fill it to the brim with motifs and then give it back to her. I hope she doesn't read this post, but even if she does there are many more beautiful designs to be revealed. x

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Collecting Butterflies

The days have flown-by since my 'Butterfly Collecting' ended in a mad MAD MAD rush to post and Pin in time for World Lupus Day 2015. My idea is to increase awareness and raise funds by collecting butterfly designs from around the world. This year 97 beautiful butterflies arrived, the participants came from 8 different countries and were aged from 5 to 75. I managed to donate 115 euros to LUPUS UK so I am very pleased with the result. You can see the whole collection on these two Pinterest boards, Children, Adults and Designers.

Obviously I couldn't have done anything at all without some help from all of you. In particular a few people who did some serious 'collecting' need a mention. So here's my THANK YOU list.
Thomas Fummo, who always manages to collect some pretty stuff from his young and creative 'English' students.
Simona Donadonibus, who did the same but with her Italian class.
Don Masse who has a fabulous blog (shine brite zamorano to which I am totally addicted) and who found five minutes to create something for me.
My Mom, who still insists on embroidering her entry.
Friends who just go for it.
Fellow designers who may have a very busy schedule but find time for me.
And finally but most importantly to Maike Thoma, Chiara Diack and Holly Helgeson for their generous donations which were greatly appreciated.
Towards the end of my crazy collecting marathon I got all emotional about the whole thing. Maybe because I was invited to talk a little about the project at the National Lupus Conference on 9th May, which was held in Turin. My idea was embraced with great enthusiasm, just a pity that everything was finished and in place so no extra butterflies or donations!

Compared to the 99 butterflies of last year, 97 is much the same thing. I believe that in the present format and taking account of my time and the effort needed to put the whole thing together it is probably the best I can do. Next year, my idea would be to make the project bigger and I am not sure how to go about it, but at least I have a few months to come up with something!

Enough butterfly talk for now, lets get back down to real work. My butterfly design is being developed into a collection already...I hope you like it?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

World Lupus Day 2015 - Butterfly showcase 4

And now to our last showcase. This year I have saved my entry until the very last so you will find it at the bottom of the page. Every butterfly design we have seen today has been unique. Butterflies made into patterns, painted, crayoned, sketched, in abstract or representational styles, and last but not least made from origami and embroidered. It has been fun to see all the creations and for me extremely moving to think that all these people have taken time to make these designs for me!
Lucia Duclos
Gisella Guglielminotti
Teresa Hollins
Lindsay Buck
Annette Kirstine Designs
Julia Grifol Designs
Miranda Mol
Jan Shepherd. Patternmuse
MaryJane Mitchel
Bethania Lima
Don Masse
Elizabeth McGarrigle
Holly Helgeson
Ruby Helgeson. Age 6

Little Ruby earned her place in the Adults showcase because she worked on her design with her Mom. It is so sweet to see the two designs together. However Ruby, I would watch out if I were you as I think Mommy might have been copying you a bit.
Martina Capone

Ciana Bodini - Print on Paper
Piia Podersalu
Nicky Ovitt
Victoria Johnson
Ellie Fidler
Dawn Clarkson
I am pleased to say that the third edition of the Butterflies for Lupus initiative has been a great success. At the last count, 97 designs and some generous donations from a few of the participants make all this hard work worthwhile. World Lupus Day comes round once a year and for me is a chance to talk about the disease and try to raise awareness. I hope you have enjoyed the designs by adults and designers from all over the world. Below you will find links to both Pinterest Boards where it is possible to see all the designs together. 
Children's Designs.
Adults and Designers.
Next week there will be a post with thanks and news of my donation to LUPUS UK, until then, Dawn x