Tuesday, May 10, 2016

World Lupus Day 2016 - Butterfly showcase 4

And now to the last Butterflies for Lupus showcase with entries from Adults and Designers. As is tradition I have saved my entry until the very last so you will find it at the bottom of the page where you will also find links to both Pinterest boards.
Every butterfly design we have seen today has been unique. Butterflies made into patterns, painted, crayoned, sketched, embroidered, in abstract or representational styles, and last but not least made from paper or sewn into a kite!
By reading these posts you have helped to raise awareness and support for Lupus sufferers. It has been fun to see all the creations, and for me, extremely moving to think that all these people have taken time to make these designs for me! 

© Mary Tanana 2016.

© Allure Designs 2016.

© Thomas Fummo 2016.

© Wagner Campelo 2016.

© Debbie Head 2016.
© Holly Helgeson 2016.

© Ann Clarkson 2016.
© Sergio Sbicego 2016.

© Nadia Indovino 2016.

© Jan Shepherd 2016.
© Kath Demp 2016.

© Giuditta Mello 2016.

© Alfred. 2016.

© Aldo Migliavacca. 2016. Handmade kite

© Bethania Lima 2016.

© Sunny Zhang 2016.

© Miranda Mol 2016.

© Maike Thoma 2016.
© Isabella Schirripa 2016.
© Dawn Clarkson 2016.
I am pleased to say that the forth edition of the Butterflies for Lupus initiative has been a great success. At the last count, 115 designs has made all this hard work worthwhile. World Lupus Day comes round once a year and for me is a chance to talk about the disease and try to raise awareness. I hope you have enjoyed the designs by adults and designers from all over the world. Below you will find links to both Pinterest boards where it is possible to see all the designs together. 
Butterflies for Lupus 2016 - Children's Designs.
Butterflies for Lupus 2016 - Adults and Designers. 
Next week there will be a post with thanks and news of my donation to LUPUS UK, until then, thank you to everyone x
Please scroll down the page if you want to see all the butterfly designs posted earlier.


  1. Wow...four showcases with so many beautiful butterfly designs - just fab !

    1. Hi Maike thank you so much for helping me out and sending me such a fab design... yes, there really are quite a lot of beautiful butterfly designs this year!