Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swarovski Black Cat

This lovely Black Cat brooch is for sale in "posh gift shop" in Turin.
It is made by Swarovski and costs a mere 70.00 euros. If somebody does'nt buy it pretty soon I might be tempted...

Friday, January 7, 2011

N° 1 - Carpeted Bathroom Scales

... and the winner of my TOP FIVE is a pair of bathroom scales covered in carpet! 
As you can see they are by far not a normal pair of scales but a perfect result of function and design. I think it is wonderful to have the soft, warm, and non slip surface to stand on when you are weighing yourself. It is also quite original to have the possibility of seeing the needle go round the dial, which in turn, takes up a whole three sides of the scales. This has the strange effect on me of trying to make the needle go further round like the "test your strength" machine at the fairground! It would be a good idea to review the design concept of these scales, they would be a sure hit in the gimmicky world in which we live. I obviously searched the net for bathroom scales which touched on this concept, but I found nothing.

They were Made in France by Terraillon, have a patent dated 1979, and are in perfect working order. They measure 34cm by 34cm, and stand 9cm high, quite a monument to have in your bathroom but well worth the comfort. I also have the original box (very dusty) which claims "avec lecture panoramique", and shows three other available colours. This makes the find even more interesting. 

Unlike all the other TOP FIVE objects which I will be keeping for various reasons, I'm afraid I don't have room to keep these scales in my bathroom. So I think they will eventually end up on Ebay... any offers?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - Resolutions

Happy New Year followers, you are so few I know you all by name. Best wishes for a good 2011. 

I have never taken the making of New Year's resolutions seriously as it has always seemed to me to be a bit of a waste of time. Everybody makes the same choices like, I will stop smoking, I will start a new diet, or I will join a new gym class, (boring... I apologise to those of you who have already resolutely sworn these declarations for 2011), all to be broken within a few weeks or months and filed away for next year.

I'm pleased to say after a surf on the net I have realised that there are others who think likewise and take a light-hearted approach to this New Year activity. So inspired by the "tongue in cheek" variety here is my small list of things I WILL DO in 2011:

I WILL tidy the mess in my studio once a week (Ha ha... that really makes me laugh);

I WILL start up a new Esty shop in 2011 (I have 11 and a half months left to think about it);

I WILL work hard on my blog in the effort to attract more followers (I might even consider bribery);

Every drawing I do I WILL work it into a repeat pattern until I get really good at them (well perhaps not every one);

I WILL try my hand at a simple animation and open a Fancymation label in my blog (Animation can be/is very time consuming, I know this for a fact from my friend TF, and do I have time to spare? NO);

I WILL properly name my new psd layers (this is not originally mine but applies to me 100%).

The last resolution on my list is by a guy called Tym Armstrong, and is my favourite of the many "tongue in cheek" variety I found in the TO RESOLVE PROJECT by Tom Knight, lovely stuff.

So bye for now, enjoy breaking your New Year's resolutions as soon a possible and get on with life.