Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - Resolutions

Happy New Year followers, you are so few I know you all by name. Best wishes for a good 2011. 

I have never taken the making of New Year's resolutions seriously as it has always seemed to me to be a bit of a waste of time. Everybody makes the same choices like, I will stop smoking, I will start a new diet, or I will join a new gym class, (boring... I apologise to those of you who have already resolutely sworn these declarations for 2011), all to be broken within a few weeks or months and filed away for next year.

I'm pleased to say after a surf on the net I have realised that there are others who think likewise and take a light-hearted approach to this New Year activity. So inspired by the "tongue in cheek" variety here is my small list of things I WILL DO in 2011:

I WILL tidy the mess in my studio once a week (Ha ha... that really makes me laugh);

I WILL start up a new Esty shop in 2011 (I have 11 and a half months left to think about it);

I WILL work hard on my blog in the effort to attract more followers (I might even consider bribery);

Every drawing I do I WILL work it into a repeat pattern until I get really good at them (well perhaps not every one);

I WILL try my hand at a simple animation and open a Fancymation label in my blog (Animation can be/is very time consuming, I know this for a fact from my friend TF, and do I have time to spare? NO);

I WILL properly name my new psd layers (this is not originally mine but applies to me 100%).

The last resolution on my list is by a guy called Tym Armstrong, and is my favourite of the many "tongue in cheek" variety I found in the TO RESOLVE PROJECT by Tom Knight, lovely stuff.

So bye for now, enjoy breaking your New Year's resolutions as soon a possible and get on with life.

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