Monday, June 21, 2010


A wonderful exhibition at Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello, Turin. More photos here.

Description taken from the exhibition catalogue. 


Design Ceramics 1927-1937

The Lenci factory in Turin, which was originally known for its dolls and tapestries in "pannolenci" felt, started making ceramic sculptures in 1927.

The exhibition shows a wide selection of these ceramic works, which were designed and sculpted in the first, most fertile period. After 1937 the sculpures were simply repeats of the most successful models.

What made the Lenci factory so original was that it brought together a great variety of artists in the design and creation of its ceramics: the works of Chessa, Sturani, Grande, Tosalli and Scavini are highly personal and instantly recognisable, some more innovative and modern, others more traditional.

Lenci interior design sculptures, which were perfectly suited to middle-class tastes, became highly fashionable and immensely popular at the height of the Deco period.

I particularly loved the work of Mario Sturani, decorative boxes, figures dancing on the handles of bowls and numerous frivolous objects show his originality and ironic creative style. The work of Adele Jacopi was also interesting with pieces portraying famous women of the time namely Marlene Dietrich, and "signorine grandi firme" by Elena Scavini showing fashion tendencies such as femmine figures at the sea or in the mountains. 

Great inspiration for me I hope to post sketchbook doodles SOON!  

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