Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas News

Only 20 days left before the big day. We have finally finished all the window dressing and now just adding some last touches to the displays on the shelves. It is such hard work preparing the shop for the Christmas rush but everything looks really sparkly and I must say "quite fancy". We are although already working lots and have wrapped up loads and loads of lovely packages which is my favourite part of the job.

Today I noticed that the singing snowmen say Ho Ho Ho... I thought that was supposed to be Father Christmas!

P.S In last Spoonflower competition my Kite design came 39th out of 146 entries with 291 votes. ...umm, must try and do better next time.


  1. Your posh gift shop bulletin tweets are hilarious.
    Can't wait for Saturnalia.

  2. The only sad thing is that they are true!! Must rush... xx