Monday, February 4, 2013

Dream Designs 17 - Emma Hawman

Our guest today on Dream Designs is Emma Hawman of Emma Frances Designs based in Leeds, UK. A recent Textile Design graduate from Leeds University and ABSPD graduate too she is now looking to begin a career in surface pattern design. Emma has chosen a very pretty pattern to share with us and she explains below why it is her Dream Design.


My dream design is Evergreen Wreaths, I absolutely love the layout of this design, it feels like a contemporary design because the motifs are hand drawn and not perfect. The colour palette is crisp and fresh and the motifs are a fairly large scale so this design is perfect for wallpaper. I'm dying to get some printed and put up in my house! One day hopefully.

Emma is from North Yorkshire and having grown up on a farm she claims to be inspired by the wonderful outdoors, sometimes we can catch a glimse of this background in her work. She has many floral and organic patterns that 'flow', some of her repeats are lovely, I am a big fan of studying a pattern to discover the repeat and in Emma's work that is quite an enjoyable task. Her style is sketchy and hand drawn, an abundance of pretty designs and delicate colour palettes fill her portfolio, she also has some winning patterns which I know would be suitable for the children's market. It is easy to see that Emma has an inquisitiveness to experiment with different approaches in her work so sometimes her style changes to incorporate a new theme or design challenge. 

I really love the pattern Emma has selected for this Dream Designs feature and I can imagine it on wallpaper but also on fabric for homewares. I'm sure we will see more of her lovely work as she begins her career in the exciting world of surface design.
You can see her varied portflio here or catch up with her blog here.