Thursday, November 7, 2013

November - 2013 Designer Calendar Project

A little bit late again but here I am reminding you to download the month of November in the fabulous freebie Designers Calendar Project organised by my friend the lovely Maria Jose Bautista V. November has been designed by Tina Devins of Dreaming on a Star she is a surface pattern designer who is based in Ireland. You may remember Tina was featured on my blog HERE a while back as a guest on Dream designs!

The project  - 12 surface pattern designers each to create a month using their unique style, the only guidelines being the format and the colour palette! The result is a very different calendar full of fun designs and patterns.  
This month's fun design can be downloaded directly from MaJo's blog where you can also read a great post about Tina Devins and Dreaming on a Star. Download the full version HERE.
Such a shame that there is only one month left to download and then 2013 has whizzed by us all. I do hope that Majo will consider doing the project again next year, and of course I hope to be invited as a guest designer.

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