Monday, July 26, 2010


This lovely little fellow came on to my balcony the other day. I tried to coax him on to my Geraniums for a more artistic photo but he was'nt having any of it. He just loved those hot brick tiles!


  1. Those stubborn dragonflies! Butterflies are far more cooperative.
    Thank you for commenting over at Angry Little Steam Engine, and I must say this blog of yours is exactly what it says on the tin!
    I hope you get loads of followers as the blog progresses; try searching around for similar blogs and comment on them. You'll have tonnes of stuff to share in no time :-)
    Your first humble follower,

    Tom :-)

  2. love the gift cards why dont I have any? just because I cant visit a fancy gift shop in Turin!!!

  3. Dear Flowerlady.
    Sorry you can't visit a posh gift shop in Turin... just for you, look out for one in the post!
    Nice and Fancy

  4. Cant wait to see how a posh gift shop is going to come through the post!!!! am wainting patiently

  5. thankyou am now owner to gift card which are selling in posh gift shop in Turin,think the shop got stuck somewhere on the way.x