Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deliciously disgusting

I have created a new label especially for these sweets because I did'nt want to post them in my NICE archive, so from today I have a NOT NICE label.

I usually love bad taste graphics when executed in a fun fashion, however I really don't see the funny side of these sweets! I spotted them in my local bread shop today and was so distracted by the explicit illustration I immediately took a photo, strangely a spotlight shows up on the bits I could'nt take my eyes off, but I think the message is loud and clear. So I then bought some and opened a packet... the brown ball inside is hard and sticky... yes sticky!!! At this point I cannot bring myself to break the crust to let out the gooey red stuff inside, YUK!

This post has prompted me to have a quick look on the web at other bad taste sweets I must say there is a whole new world out there waiting to be discovered, Giant Jelly Spiders, Jelly Brains, Chocolate Ghosts, Toxic Waste Candy Tubs (not bad) but nothing quite on the level with Camel Balls. The search continues...