Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beware of spiders

Over the last month we have been emptying a large flat with 3 cellars and 2 outhouses which has always been used as a warehouse. There was a slight hope of finding some forgotten family heirloom but we quickly discovered it was full of 40 years of family rubbish and spiders!
Although I don’t suffer from Arachnophobia it has been a trying experience. How we come to be doing this is a long tale and not very interesting, however halfway through the job we are coming to the end of our strength and patience. So why am I writing about it here, I don’t know, I think just to get it off my chest. When we are finished I could post a top ten of the most useless items we have discovered just to prove the utter worthlessness of all our hard work. Having said that I am secretly pleased with a couple of strips of original 50’s wallpaper and a few old, old, I mean OLD, Christmas decorations, but nothing to compensate for sorting through piles and piles of junk. There is one Black Hole left, a disused cellar that hasn’t been opened for about 20 years. When I peeped in I saw a big wooden chest in the corner, we could be lucky but meanwhile I am too preoccupied with the spiders to get excited about it!


  1. Spiders have eight limbs so they can hug you better :-)

  2. But I still don't like them just the same.
    Isn't it time you were in bed... as you're ONLY twenty?