Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beware of spiders 2

The saga continues… we are now into the seventh week of the grand clear out! (It is also the reason for my extremely quiet blog.) The whole exercise has proved to be harder and more time consuming than expected. Now that all the spider-ridden black holes have finally been investigated the only remaining problem is disposing of all the rubbish in the correct recycling bin, easier said than done! 
No hidden treasures have come to light (unlike the amazing discovery made in London and sold at Christies) so we are almost resigned to the fact that our marathon will not yield any great financial benefit. The removal van is booked for Saturday so you could say we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
As mentioned in “Beware of Spiders” I have decided to post a TOP FIVE of the most interesting and/or useless items found whilst sorting through mountains of rubbish. Just give me a couple of days to sort out photographs and one by one the chosen five will feature under my NICE label. You will discover that they have nothing to do with spiders but are just objects which have caught my eye for some reason, it also means they have been saved from the recycling bin and will live a second life in my collection of cherished “interesting” rubbish at home!

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