Friday, November 26, 2010

N° 5 Frog Money Box

This funny little frog moneybox is quite sweet in his own way. Made of papier mâché with a high glaze finish, 15cm tall, Made in Germany, and I think of late sixties design. He reminds me more of a Toad than a Frog, probably because of his size (I frequently see toads in my garden which are nearly as big!). He is very ugly and seems to be sulking but has lovely swirly designs on his tummy and back and flowers for eyes. In my book any animal which has flowers for eyes can’t be all that bad. My only criticism is his size, if he was a bit smaller and was just a frog instead of a moneybox as well he would be perfect. So with a little help from my computer I have created three little cousins for him, one orange, one sky blue and one purple, at about 7cm tall they are much more appealing.

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