Monday, November 29, 2010

N° 4 Fruit Tree Pruning Booklet

This great find is I’m afraid not in very good condition. It is a text manual used for agricultural training, dated 1965 (fourth edition). By the title of “La potatura degli alberi da frutto”, roughly translated as “How to prune fruit trees”, it measures 15cm by 20,5cm, and has 166 pages. It has a 4 colour cover with black and white internal pages, 12 chapters and 66 illustrations and cost a whole 800 lire, that is 0.41 euros or 0.34 sterling! The illustrations are beautiful although very technical and precise and are all reproductions of original drawings done by the author, A. Calzecchi Onesti. It was very hard just to choose two or three of them to post here.


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