Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh really, I had'nt heard...

Today is one of those days like it or not that you will probably remember for the rest of your life. Finally The Royal Wedding is "happening" and then we can back to normal life again.

I will remember today because I had to go to work (no holiday for us in Italy) and because I got drenched twice (good job William and Kate did'nt decide to get married in sunny Italy). Luckily the important part of the ceremony just happened to be in my lunch hour so I managed to see some of the splendor on TV. Most of the rest I heard on the radio whilst driving around in my car!

So this evening I have been catching up on all the news and photographs of the event. To end my day I have been doing some virtual shopping and choosing ONE Royal Wedding souvenir which I would love to keep. The competition was tough but I have surprised myself by choosing the above set of toys "Happyland Royal Family" available from Mothercare for 15 quid. At the moment it is out of stock but I just love it!

I do regret not being in London as I would surely have bought loads of tacky souvenirs from the street vendors, like plastic fridge magnets or such. Anyway all you lucky people (who had the day off work!) heres hoping you made the best of the celebrations and waved your flag if you have one!

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