Friday, April 8, 2011

Winter Landscape Tea Towel by Sarajo Frieden

You could begin to think that I have a thing about tea towels. But I can assure you I would never dry my pots with this lovely tea towel by Sarajo Frieden it is just soooo sumptuous! It is available to buy at Third Drawer Down, is in 100% Linen, Limited Edition 1000 and costs $40.00. This work has just won it's place in the highly prized American Illustration book 30. 
A little bit about the artist - "Sarajo Frieden works and lives in Los Angeles in a studio bordering Thai Town, Little Armenia and Koreatown. Here she finds inspiration in the simple hand-painted signs and variety of cultures and languages which surround her. Fine, folk and decorative art, Persian miniatures, Shaker trance drawings, Japanese ukiyo-e, and Hungarian embroidery can be found wandering through her images.
Her work is daily reminder that the ordinary is often extraordinary and nothing is what it seems. Sarajo Friedned uses open ended narratives, folk tales, abstraction and the juxtaposition of discordant images to give form to the human experience. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, San Diego, North Carolina, Minnesota, New York, Rome, Venice, Naples and Australia."
I also had a look at her Web Site, lots of lovely stuff there to see.

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