Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Birthday" (sort of)

Nice and Fancy has just had its first birthday. A little drawing to celebrate!

I suppose I should sum up my thoughts and conclusions about what this blog has meant to me over the past year, hum... For me everything is ok as it is, I'm sure my blog could be better but it also could be worse. All I know is that it makes me "get along and do something" which is all I ask for now.
Thanks to devoted followers, TF who inspires me by setting a good example, Flowerlady who is very special and she knows it, and last but not least, GB who gives me loads of support but none of it online!

XXX to you all


  1. Happy Birthday, Nice and Fancy! :)

    Still eager to see those two ladies in animated form :)

  2. I have loads of ideas for my two ladies... but it takes time