Thursday, June 30, 2011

No excuses

Hiya, you could say that June has been a bit "non prolific" Blogwise. It wasn't in my plans to be this way but it has just turned out so. I have been busy doing other things of course but a lot of them not suitable or interesting enough to write about here.

I have also been on holiday. Before my departure I prepared a bag with "arty materials", pencils, rubber and sharpener, scissors, paper, sketchpad and paper, even my computer (not to be used on the beach of course), I could'nt wait to have time to myself to get on with my work. It is always nice to have a plan but sometimes they change dramatically, nevertheless I managed to spend the whole time reading (or sleeping) in the shade of the beach umbrella. I think you could say I needed a rest.

So now I am back in sunny Turin (about 34 degrees!!!!) I will make a super effort to be a bit more communicative in July. Loads of ideas are bubbling I just hope they come to something. You'll be hearing from me soon.

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