Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ditsy Divine II

I was a bit miffed at finding my ditsy design excluded from the voting in the last Spoonflower competition as it was'nt considered ditsy enough. As you have to "live and learn" I decided to give it another go. The design you see above is my Ditsy Divine II and I asked Spoonflower if this would be considered a true ditsy design. One of the 100 (!!!) moderators kindly tweeted me to say "Yes, they would consider it ditsy"... I'm not bothered what the other 99 think, thats good enough for me.


  1. Them butterflies don't know where the blazes they're going! Aye, They be Ditzy! Aarrrgh!

    (Pirate talk was used by a trained professional and only for entertainment purposes. Do not try this at home).

  2. As you know I only Hum. La,la la, di di di, dum.

  3. Love the butterflies,we actually still had some in the garden on monday but hope they are somewhere warm now-not in my cabbages though!!!!