Thursday, October 13, 2011

Terrible Twins

Hi, I came across these two very angry faces whilst walking around Turin with my camera. They are to be found in a walk through which leads to courtyard and (I think) someone's home - office - studio? The whole area is painted over, apart from the twins there are mobiles hanging from the ceiling and even the pavement is coloured with violent purple. Every time I have walked past the gates have been open as if to invite people to look at this work of "personal graffiti", so I quickly took some shots. I did'nt fancy hanging around to see if anyone was at home just in case they where as angry as these two fellows.

More on Flickr, the Terrible Twins have a friend who reminds me of "the Joker" and needs to see a dentist!


  1. Love the piccies,must admit they are pretty scary.Would not want to meet them in the dark!!

  2. Glad you like them my dear. Love to the gang xxx