Saturday, April 28, 2012

Edible Hearts

This week I have been looking for heart shapes everywhere and when I came across this (whilst washing the lettuce for tea!) I just could'nt believe it. A great example of serendipity, when you least expect it. I photographed the potato heart last year oblivious to the fact that maybe it would one day come in useful.
Both the items came to a tragic end as I ATE them, still, they live on for all to see on my blog. More serious posts and "patterns" next week... I hope.

P.S. I have changed my header, I'm not sure how long it will last... but the old one was a bit old and stale.


  1. Hi Edible hearts,they certainly did
    look good enough to eat

  2. Hi, Loved your latest work, really enjoyed reading wonderful comments, Had a relaxing time looking round your site,

  3. Hearts and Polka dots are my favorite shapes! What a lovely tomato and lettuce ^_^

  4. oh! BTW... your new header is pretty cute too!

    1. Hi MaJo, Thanks for visiting... I am working hard but it is paying off. I have NEW members... yipee!