Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing lessons

As part of the Do what you love - Surface Pattern Course, we are being encouraged to experiment with different ways of drawing and sketching... even with a sewing machine! I have been experimenting and "trying" to draw with mine... poor thing. In fact I kept the same tension and was very careful not to exaggerate, I did'nt want to break anything.
The result was a very enjoyable couple of hours, two pictures and lots of ideas to try out some other time.


  1. Hi, I've come by from ABSPD, love these! Really great textures in that second one!x

  2. Hi Flowerlady... are you ok?

    Thanks Rebecca lovely to hear your comments.

    ... I am in a really good mood today :D

  3. Hi bot just had our usual look, always enjoy,