Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IKEA inspiration

I am quite lucky to have an IKEA very close to where I live in Turin. It is a most inspiring place for design and pattern, it also sometimes inspires my purse but thats another story!

My favourite area is obviously where all the lovely fabrics are stashed and I wander round taking in all the fab colours and latest designs. I "try" to resist buying more fabrics to add to my unfinished projects list but I don't always succeed. I took about 70 photographs while I was there but my favourites are these taken whilst having a coffee with my friend Helen. The blinds made with this lovely blobby "lava lamps" fabric were against the light and became transparent, adding depth and more shapes to the already lovely design.

I have also put the photographs on FLICKR so I can pin them on PINTEREST. (I have finally joined PINTEREST and this will be the first image that I pin... when I find out how it all works!)


  1. Wow... new blog layout! Nice! Love the print too! Every time I go to Ikea I have to go for what I need and that's it or else I will finish spending more than what I have in my bank account and buying more things that I promise will use for all my projects to be done... hihihi

  2. Wow... you are quick I only changed it yesterday afternoon. I have'nt really changed anything, only the layout. I am always thinking about how I can improve my blog but sometimes don't have the nerve to try. In the end I like things just to be nice and tidy!

  3. Majo
    P.S. Forgot to ask... did you have a nice time with your Mommy in Madrid?

    1. I did Dawn! Thanks for asking ^_^

      BTW... I love your nice and tidy blog. It's so clear and relaxing to the sight ;)

  4. Hi Hoping i have at last got there xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Polly, so lovely to have you back... keep trying xxxx