Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gazania experiment

Still a little in love with "live trace" in Illustrator I have scanned in some sketches that I did of some Gazanias and tried creating some patterns with them. I have experimented with layering the images and have used different scales. The designs are more placement prints than repeat patterns, although it would be very easy to turn them into a repeat at a later date. The designs can also be seen on FLICKR.

I have noticed that I have some lovely new members. Thanks girls, most appreciated, I will be over to your blogs quite soon :)


  1. Bonjour,we are back in raining blighty-yuk yuk yuk.Catching up on your designs as we didnt have wi-fi all the time and would have cost a fortune on my phone-cheap skate i know!Love the Gazinias and the plum orchard,loads to do in my garden but might have to go out later in wellies and coat.Keep up the new designs think they are great.x

    1. Hi, lovely to get a comment from you. Sorry to hear of rain and bad weather in England. Yes, I have been busy! Speak soon xxxx

  2. Pretty patterns Dawn. I'm working on some designs on the same flower too. I first saw it last week while with my mom in Madrid, and I really loved it!

    ps. The book is A Field Guide to Fabric Design by Kim Kight (from Trueup). It's a great book. I read it in less than a day!

  3. Thanks, I need to buy some books about Surface Pattern Design!