Friday, August 24, 2012

Turin - The Art of Chocolate

Turin is famous for lots of things but not many people realise that one of them is CHOCOLATE. Some specialities inculde: the Gianduiotti chocolate with its unmistakable shape the most typical of all the chocolate delicacies invented by Piedmont chocolatiers; the Gianduja cream spread, which has been around for over 150 years and is now eaten all over the world commercialized by a famous Piedmont family; and the Bicerin, an excellent traditional hot drink made from coffee, milk and chocolate served in a characteristic glass with a metal handle.
The first known document about chocolate in Turin dates from 1678, a license authorizing the sale of chocolate. In 1802 the expert chocolate artisans managed to solve the age old problem of making liquid chocolate solid and consequently transform it into chocolate pralines and bars. The chocolate industry was truly underway. 

Torino - Choco Barocco

Nowadays, Turin is rich in small traditional workshops which continue to produce a wide range of chocolate products using original recipes and only first class ingredients. Many early twentieth century shops are still open in their original premises, they continue to create wonderful window displays and pass on their chocolate skills from generation to generation. 
In autumn the Cioccolatò Festival is held, an ideal opportunity to celebrate all things chocolate. With a "choco pass" in your pocket you can spend a day tasting mouth-watering offerings, available in the city's illustrious cake and pastry shops and bars. You will be given a map and a list of shops and bars in the centre of Turin so you don't miss out on any!

Gianduiotti - Baroque style


Finally I have created a few designs inspired by my love for Chocolate and made gift bags which would be perfect to fill with chocolate delights. I have united the old traditons of chocolate with the abundance of the Baroque style which is to be found in Turin. Both inspire richness and captivate the senses!

Visit Guido Gobino, Cioccolato Artigianale. For guided tours of a “real” chocolate factory. Address: Laboratory. Via Cagliari 15/b, 10153 Torino

You can also see some of my "snapshots" of Turin here, including some photographs of the chocolate factory. I will be back on Monday with another interesting post about Turin obviously accompanied by some of my designs. Until then enjoy!

Modern shiny gianduiotti!


  1. A chocolate festival? I'm there! Loving that first design you've done Dawn, really amazing x