Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year - Buon Anno

Hello everyone! Happy New Year, I do hope it will be a good one for all of us.

My year has started off well. One of my designs has been included in a 2013 calendar which will be availble to download free every month. The project has been organised by my good friend (and talented designer) Maria Jose Bautista V.

January 2013 designed by ©Maria Jose Bautista V
The idea being for 12 surface pattern designers to each create a month using their unique style, the only guidelines being the format and the colour palette! The result is a very different calendar full of fun designs and patterns. You can check out all the details and download the month of January on Majo's blog. On the last Monday of every month Majo will do a feature about the following designer and make the next download available. 

I am previewing a detail of the month of January which was designed by Majo and a small peek at all the other months. By the way, you will have to wait until July to download my design which features a beautiful mermaid!

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  1. happy new year.
    January calendar. down loaded.
    Welcome back missed looking at your blogx