Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's almost February! - 2013 Designer Calendar Project

The 2013 Designer Calendar project continues and as it's almost FEBRUARY you can now download this beautiful design by Tiffany Designs.
© Tiffany Designs
The Freebie Designer Calendar project is an idea by Maria Jose Bautista V and is totally curated and overseen by her.
The idea being for 12 surface pattern designers to each create a month using their unique style, the only guidelines being the format and the colour palette! The result is a very different calendar full of fun designs and patterns. You can check out all the details and download the month of February on Majo's blog. This month there is a feature about the designer behind Tiffany Designs who has 'lovingly' created a design clearly inspired by Valentines Day! 
You can get your copy of February to print and keep HERE
I will remind you all every month so that you don't forget download your free copy :)

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