Friday, May 10, 2013

World Lupus Day - Butterfly Showcase 2

This is the second Butterfly Showcase to celebrate World Lupus Day. By reading this post you are helping to raise awareness and support for Lupus sufferers. Please enjoy another 10 of the 30 butterfly designs received from all over the world. Remember to check out all the designs on Pinterest and re-pin your favourites.
Call back later today to enjoy the third and final showcase. If you missed the first 10 designs this morning just continue to scroll down after this post is finished.

Tina Devins
Joni Barriere
Nandita Singh
Laura Escalante
Annaline Sophia Designs
Sonal Nathwani
Mary Jane Mitchell
Ellie Rampton
Pila Podersalu


  1. more BEAUTIFUL butterflies!
    My favourite from this group is Piia's… stunning!

  2. Such beautiful butterflies for such a wonderful cause! Well done designers!

  3. Thanks so much Dawn. Lovely butterflies again x

  4. Thank you to everyone for taking part :)