Sunday, June 9, 2013

Butterfly designs reminder!

As you can see I am still collecting butterfly designs as a continuation of my request back in May for World Lupus Day. I have decided to collect them until the end of the year, then I can start again and will launch a new Butterfly Gallery for 2014! The designs I recieve will be included on the PINTEREST board created especially for the occasion. If anyone still has any butterfly patterns or designs they would like included please send them to me. At the moment there are 32 designs and I would love to add more.
Giovanni Berardi Age 7
For those of you who have children I'm sure you can dig out some lovely butterfly designs for me. The children's drawings are particularly cute like this one from Giovanni Berardi, aged 7, I just love the fact that these two butterflies have great big smiles on their faces! 

"Grazie Giovanni per le tue bellissime farfalle, il disegno รจ veramente carino, mi piace che le farfalle sono cosi sorridenti! Puoi vederlo anche su PINTEREST."

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