Monday, June 24, 2013

San Giovanni Lillies

Ooooo, remember me... this is my blog and today I am making a special effort to write to you all!

Today the 24th of June is San Giovanni and being the patron saint of Turin it means that we are enjoying a bank holiday and a right sunny day it is too. We have been cutting lawns and tending our allotment and basically enjoying a bit of therapeutic 'hard work'. 

Finally we sat down in the cool shade of our lovely fig tree to do a bit of real relaxing. I had noticed these lovely Lilies in the garden earlier and fancied spending some time with my sketchbook.

I am sharing these beautiful flowers and my sketches with you. Locally these flowers are known as San Giovanni Lillies, obviously because they flower on San Giovanni. So we have had a lovely calm and relaxing afternoon and have decided not to go to the massive Firework display this evening in Piazza Vittorio... shame.


  1. Loooovely lilies and pictures,glad you are enjoying the fig tree,bet you have loads xxx

  2. Nice seeing your work again. missed you. xx

  3. Love the peek into your sketchbook.

  4. Thank you, Flowerlady, Polly and Lesley... nice to hear from you all x