Thursday, August 15, 2013

A New Identity - Sneaky peek

Hi all.
A few changes are going to happen around here. I know I have'nt been around much lately but I am so busy trying desperately to organise my "Surface Pattern life". This does'nt exclude normal life which carries on simultaneously, and, quite honestly speaking gets in the way a bit! Some snippets of good news are in the pipeline but I can't share until all the details are sorted and secure.
One bit of news I can share is that I have changed my Logo, it is the beginning of a few identity changes which I know will help me promote my work and create a more professional base for me to launch new projects. 
So here it is...

It could be considered a bit of a corporate logo, well that just shows off my background of 20 years working in graphic design! I also know this logo is not particularly quirky or original but it is what I have had in mind for a while. I have created a symbol which includes my initials and a pattern, as simple as that! It's not advisable for me to have a complicated identity which may compete with the viewing of my patterns as obviously they are more important! The pattern will come in handy as a watermark and DC can be cut down as small and as insignificant as it may need to be in some situations. Below you will find a couple of examples of how my identity will adapt to cover different needs. Obviously colours and such might change a little but the base of the identity is here. Please let me know what you think? ... any comments are welcome.


My new website (coming soon I hope!) will be, and my whole identity will revolve around my name or initials. I'm afraid cute names like 'nice and fancy' might be getting the boot... but thats another story.
To complete the identity change my business Facebook page is now Dawn Clarkson - Surface Pattern Design and not Nice and Fancy as before... please feel free to like my page :)


  1. great logo… can't wait to see all the fab stuff you are working on :)

  2. Like the new Logo, great colours. Good look in your new venture