Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Museum shop interlude

Yesterday whilst waiting for an office to open in the centre of Turin I had the bright idea to go into the museum shop at the GAM (Galleria di Arte Moderna) and have a nosey around. Why do I love these places so much? I only had about 20 minutes to spare but managed to run up a mental wish list of books which came to over 150 euros! Due to lack of time my credit card escaped a good bashing and I contented myself with these beautiful postcards by Lora Lamm dipicting lovely examples of mid-century graphic design. I have a complimentary pass for the Paolo di Maria exhibition currently running in the museum so with a smile on my face I said to the shop assistant 'see you next week'... I think my credit card is already hiding away trembling in a dark corner of my bag. Next time I have a bright idea like this I think I'll try the Museum cafe!
In the meantime enjoy these postcards, I will be uploading them to Pinterest too.

Lora Lamm. 1958
Summer and fashion, la Rinascente.
Lora Lamm. 1961
Linen fair, IR, colour from America.
Lora Lamm. 1959-1963
Pirelli hot water bottles.