Sunday, October 13, 2013

A sad and melancholy post

Yesterday I received an e-mail saying that my most fave blog ever True Up (even more than Print and Pattern!) will be closing down for a while. Kim Kight, the founder and curator of this fab blog says that it's time for her to move on, you can read the whole post here. The blog will probably be taken on by someone else so it won't disappear, it is such a valuable tool and years of hard work and devotion have gone in to making it the success it is today. This blog was the very first blog I took an interest in and is the thing that made me start off on the surface pattern road. I have always read all Kim's posts eagerly and enjoyed and learnt so much from them.

So this news has made me a bit sad and melancholy for more than one reason. Secretly I have been thinking about closing my Nice and Fancy blog at the end of the year because I can't keep up with things at the moment and I hate to see my blog with old posts which have been hanging around for 15 or 20 days... for me that is just not a blog. It's quite pathetic for me to compare my little blog to one like True Up but it made me realise that maybe someone out there might be sad if I closed down Nice and Fancy. Well I know my Mum would be and perhaps my friend Flowerlady so thats at least two of you :)
I have so much going on at the moment and it is frustrating not to be able to post exactly what I like here. I have to be careful and keep certain things to myself which is not really my personality. So I feel that I must find more inspiration to carry on and find new things to post. When I finally have the go ahead with some of my projects I will share the good news with you all. 

Ok, so the news is not that bad, there are worse things you say, but probably the mood I was in has made me think and weigh things up a bit. October has started off on the wrong foot, with illness in the family and a bit of bad news lurking about. Luckily I have just spent some time with my parents and they have put me back on the right track again. It was also my Birthday last week and being such the spoilt little girl that I am I received not one but FOUR surface pattern related books! So that put a great smile on my face and gives me the new inspiration I mentioned above. 
See you soon x


  1. yes, I would be sad. as reading nice & fancy's work highlight. of my day. x