Friday, February 21, 2014

PaperLove Blog Hop and the 'Spirit of Paper'

Paperphilia is organising a PaperLove competition and blog hop and as you can imagine I can't resist taking part. The PaperLove Blog Hop will be a celebration of all things paper, read more about it here.
So to begin to get in the PaperLove mood yesterday I visited an exhibition called 'The Spirit of Paper' at the Palazzo Barolo in Turin. It showed over 300 pieces of origami with additional short films, workshops and fun interactive exercises to accompany the works of art. It could'nt have come at a better time and below you will find some of the photos I took
Very traditional animal forms but wonderful just the same!

I quite fell in love with this pineapple!
Fabulous fox!

There were many traditional origami pieces featuring animals and insects, I particularly loved the little mouse and his pineapple, and this fabulous fox
Colourful and fun.


I was very surprised to see so much colour and use of patterned paper. Modern origami uses both, a lot of the forms were created by folding up to 5 sheets of coloured paper at the same time, just mind boggling!
... more pattern

... and more pattern!
The exhibition is housed in the dark brick cellars of the fabulous Barolo Palace in the centre of Turin, a spectacular and suggestive place to admire these wonderful paper creations! The photograph below is taken at the entrace to the palace where a gigantic version of the classic origami Crane takes pride of place among the historical elegance.
Gigantic origami Crane

I already have a PAPER board on Pinterest but I think it will be getting a big boost from now on as I am looking for paper inspiration everywhere. I hope that these photographs may inspire you too, especially if you are taking part in the PaperLove project, see you soon with more paper loveliness!

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