Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A 'peek' from Pinterest

I find myself spending more and more time on Pinterest. It can be considered a little addictive although a very useful work tool which fills me with inspiration. To justify all this time spent 'pinning' I have now decided to post a few of my pins from selected boards which I use as research for current projects I am working on.
Missoni for San Pellegrino
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling by Akira Isogawa, and, Christian Lacroix for Evian

Developing new concepts for a completely new product, how exciting. I can't say who it is for or what product it is. I can only share all the lovely packages I have found and you can maybe guess what product packaging I am working on, a fruit drink, mineral water, a facecream, who knows?
U Hydration by Moxie Sozo
Perfumes and creams by Library of Flowers
So please enjoy my first 'peeks' from Pinterest. Check out my board 'PATTERNS ON PACKS' to see all of the packaging I have pinned as research for my new project.


  1. What ever it is it will be lovely x

  2. Just to let you know I have changed my blog to flowerlady-flourlady and had a lovely day on Pinterest x

    1. That is really you Flower and Flour! Just like I am Nice and Fancy. Pinterest is great eh?