Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spoonflower fabric delights

I heard about Spoonflower from one of my favourite haunts True up

I have been browsing the site for quite a while and have noticed that more and more well known Fabric Designers are using Spoonflower to sell fabric designs.

It works around a very innovative concept, it allows you to create custom fabric designs, print them for your own use, and, SELL THEM TOO. 

As I am experimenting with surface pattern and repeat designs it is the perfect way to get samples of my work printed up onto the real thing. There is a wealth of information available to help you reach your goals, so with a bit of extra instruction regarding LAB colour spaces, and some tips, tricks, and tutorials about digital fabric printing I should be ready to start producing quite soon. They also organise a "Fabric of the week" competition where you can enter your designs or vote for designs you admire in the current competition. As I can never resist a good competition I think I'm hooked! 

I opened my "nice and fancy" account at Spoonflower yesterday so watch this space for the latest news on fancy fabric swatches.

P.S. Whilst registering my account I voted for Bright by Rabble, Friut Salad by Cynthia Frenette, and Paisley by Snork, in the Paisley competition (see above images). 

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