Thursday, March 31, 2011

T t'owl

I have been working on a Tea Towel design for the To Dry For competition. My final entry is the first of the three photographs above. As I only found out about the competition by chance a few days ago, it was all "rush rush" to develop my idea and design my T t'owl. The idea combines phonetic spelling and a visual icon to create the word Tea Towel (there is probably a name for it but it has'nt come to me yet), but basically if you don't get it straight away then I suppose it has failed as a communication medium.
I also had a great idea to use Illustrator owing to the lack of time to draw and scan and colour etc.. Owls are quite easy to "construct" so I thought it might save time, I also imagined the finished result to be a clean graphic image suitable to screen print. As I enjoyed myself so much I designed not one Owl but lots so as tradition has it I will be incorporating them in other designs.
So pleased with the results, I even experimented with a "Cup a T", and I could'nt resist the "plural version of T t'owls". 

If I came across my T t'owl in a shop I would certainly buy it!
Hope you like them.

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