Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twelve cups of tea with me!

Back in July 2010 I posted two illustrations inspired by an exhibition I saw on LENCI CERAMICS.
I have continued to work on a series of illustrations which have evolved from these first two drawings. The twelve final illustrations have been positioned onto porcelain mugs and I love them. I would like to have a nice cup of tea in every one of them. I am only posting six here for you to admire, two from each colour way. If anyone is interested in seeing all of them just let me know.

I am also printing up some gift cards using my favourite drawings from this collection, they will be sold exclusively in our gift shop in Turin.

I can now concentrate on a series of cards which have been neglected because I have been working solely on the above illustrations for a couple of weeks. Strangely the new project involves flower illustrations... I think I'm becoming obsessed!

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