Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coffee break - reverse

I have been an extra Busy Bee today. I have done loads of things and got back up to date with mails and stuff. I ordered yet more fabric from Spoonflower as I am preparing the launch of my new project... what? Sorry but I have to keep it a secret a while longer and can't tell you yet.
Anyway in the meantime of being Mrs Busy Bee I added a new Coffee Break swatch to my Spoonflower shop (I was missing one to complete my batch of five). I had originally liked the design in reverse/negative form but had put it to one side. However, back from my hols and in a new frame of mind I looked at it again and liked it, it is totally different with a dark background and for now I really love the pink!


  1. Hi busy bee :)
    hope we can organize to meet up again soon, wanted to chat with you regarding animations/illustrations, etc.


  2. Hi
    We can meet up some time this week if you like?
    Although we'll choose a good day as I am suffering the heat loads... it is NOT cool in Givoletto.

  3. It's not cool in Grugliasco either :D
    that sounds great, we'll get in contact with you asap!
    thanks :)