Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gobino Chocolate Factory

The front of the building you see here is the Gobino Chocolate Laboratory . Exquisite chocolates are made here and prepared before being distributed to the two retail outlets they also own in Turin. So by all means this building can be considered a true "Chocolate Factory", and the painted mural on the side of the building illustrates just that. It is a really wonderful illustration, done in a style which depicts the chocolate making process in a fairytale way. The quality to detail is great, and outside elements such as windows, air-conditioning boxes and even the iron gates have all been painted and included in the design so that nothing gets in the way of the overall effect.

It is the work of an extremely talented bunch called Truly Design. They are all artists who began by doing street art and graffiti. Their internet site is really worth a LONG look. There are lots of challenging projects all with very original end products, using many different styles and interpretations, from bodypainting in Turin to an unusual exhibition layout in Brussels. These are works of ture artists, even more incredible the fact that they have known how to create a market for themselves and are enjoying success on such a large scale. Their art is a refreshing way of bringing "street art" into commercial light. I hope they can continue to produce such unusual and different pieces.

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