Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glamorous Mermaid

Hi, I am now back in Italy and ready to begin work again. I had a wonderful time in Lincolnshire taking lots of photographs and walking along beautiful beaches. As usual have come back with more work ideas than I can ever hope to produce.

During the LAST ten minutes of my LAST walk on the LAST day of my holiday I came across this lovely little lady. She has won my private competition to become my favourite picture of the hols, the important prize being of course a mention on my blog! She was painted on the door of a beach hut by a budding artist and I had never noticed her before. As a Mermaid she has all the qualities needed to lure any unwitting male under her spell... full of glamour, charming and fascinatingly attractive... just fantastic.


  1. love the mermaid,why did I npt see it? was lovely to see you but now you have lots of work to catch up with.Made tomato sauce the Italian way last night and it was delicous,thankyou xxxxx

  2. You did'nt see it because I really did find it last minute at Sandylands!!! love to allxx