Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn Circles

"Autumn" was the theme for this weeks Spoonflower Fabric Competition, with only three colours allowed plus white. In my design Autumn Circles I have chosen to leave white as the background colour because it makes the other colours stand out more. I have also chosen three colours that clash a little to create a bright autumn glow. It may seem a bit obvious to choose leaves as a design element but it was all I could come up with at the time. The voting has started already and I am getting zero feedback so I think this entry may lower my average?
As promised this is a four way repeat pattern (I think).

For the next competition I will be trying my luck at designing a DITSY print, no colour restrictions. So look out for my Disty print design soon, in the meantime I have to find out what one is first!

P.S I sometimes am a bit slow on the uptake but have found out that I can access the final voting results on the Spoonflower blog. So here are my results so far.
Hiding from the fisherman: 34th place with 238 votes,
Coffee beans and flowers: 23rd place with 295 votes,
Birds of a feather: 12th place with 397 votes!!!!
My aim is to get into the Top Ten, just once.

P.P.S. Have just joined Twitter so will be setting up a widget on my blog soon.

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