Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn Forest by Dennis the Badger

Congratulations to Dennis the Badger from Frankfurt who was the winner of this weeks fabric contest on Spoonflower. I really love this design and of course it is one of the ones I voted for. The design is so simple and graphic but also very intricate at the same time. I find the colour palette lovely, subtle yet effective. I'm not in the habit of posting the winners on my blog but I really love this design. Please take time to look at his work, all available to buy from Spoonflower. Yummy yummy yum. (His nickname isn't bad either.)

You wondering why I am writing this so so SO small, I came 114th with 128 votes in the same contest as Dennis the Badger. Serves myself right for taking the contest so lightly this time round. Look out for my "Root Vegetables" entry in the next competition. I intend to do a lot better.

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