Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Flowery" Moon Jellyfish

Just for a change I am posting my entry for the Spoonflower Competition, this weeks theme... "Jellyfish". I have chosen Moon Jellyfish as inspiration for my design, they are also known as common jellyfish or saucer jelly. They can grow to 25 - 40 cm in diameter (I had imagined them to be smaller) and they are easily recognisable by four horseshoe shaped gonads. Capable of limited motion they tend to drift with the current.
In my design I have experimented with gradients try to create a "glowing" effect, I don't know how this will print up on fabric? As a result I find the design very "flowery", my Moon Jellyfish remind me of floating flower heads!
Look closer on FLICKR or SPOONFLOWER.

P.S. My Art Deco Lion was placed 75th out of 275 entries with 211 votes in the Spoonflower Art Deco Competition. Thats quite bad but defending my design I still like my Lion's head, I think the colours let the side down. Hope to do better next time round.

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  1. love the jelly fish,dont worry about how you get placed just keep doodling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx